Composite Decking Bothell

One of the biggest struggles of investing in a deck is deciding which type of decking is right for you. At Wine Valley Siding Supply, we offer a variety of decking materials so you can find the one that shows off your property in just the right way.

Wine Valley Siding Supply has been delivering high-quality materials to homeowners, subcontractors, and builders since 1955. With over 150 years of combined experience, our professional lumber experts will give you the exceptional care and customer service you deserve while delivering the materials you need.

The Composite Decking Bothell Residents Want

Composite decking is a popular alternative to wooden decking. Compared to wood decking, our composite decking at Wine Valley Siding Supply is made from recycled plastic and recycled wood fibers to create the low maintenance and long-lasting composite decking Bothell residents rely on.

Composite decking products come with a wide array of benefits that make it the fastest-growing wood deck alternative currently on the market. Not only does composite decking not require sealing, board replacement, staining, or sanding, but it’s also impervious to rot. This makes composite decking products last longer than wood decking. And unlike wood decking, composite decking can be made to simulate to appearance of many different types of exotic hardwoods.

Additionally, the installation behind composite decking uses the same tools as those in traditional wood decking. Yet, composite decking has side groves for a hidden fastener system to make your deck planks as smooth as possible without any screws showing to ruin the appearance of your new deck.

A deck can be a substantial but beneficial investment. Composite decking can give you all the advantage of a return on investment without the maintenance or mildew. To learn more about how your home can benefit from composite decking, contact Wine Valley Siding Supply today.