Siding Hardware and Accessories

Siding installation is no joke. And here at Wine Valley Siding Supply, we have all the materials and hardware your project will need from start to completion.


Building Paper and HouseWrap

During construction, the exposed exterior of the walls need to be covered to prevent wind and water from penetrating. When wind is allowed to blow through walls, it drastically undermines the efficiency of insulation. Housewrap and building paper will hinder the ability of air movement throughout the building.

Building paper and housewrap will also act as an additional layer of protection against moisture. Most siding materials have spaces where water is able to penetrate through the exterior barrier. The building paper or housewrap then inhibits the water’s ability to dampen the interior sheathing and cause rot, while allowing water vapor to escape.

At Wine Valley Siding Supply, we can provide the traditional 60 minute Building Paper, as well as a variety of Housewraps including: Tyvek, Typar, and Hardie Wrap.



One of the most important defenses against water penetration is flashing, which refers to the sealing or covering of seams and junctions where water is likely to enter. Common points of flashing are window sills and roofing seams. Typically the material used for flashing are a variety of malleable metals such as aluminum, especially on roofs. However, there are other flashing products available such as liquid flashing, peel-back adhesive flexible flashing, and more.

Products such as caulks and sealants can be extremely effective methods of filling spacial gaps around windows and doors, although they shouldn’t be used as flashing throughout the entire project.

Here at Wine Valley Siding Supply, we offer a variety of flashing products to fit your building needs. We provide flexible flashing as well as Tamlyn Flashing for a range of project requirements, as well as caulks and sealants. We also provide other necessities such as a variety of nails and staples, in both coil and single fashion, and ranging from framing and roofing to fencing and finish. For venting, we have both foundation and attic vents, as well as mounting blocks for hoses and light fixtures.
When it comes to your siding project, we take pride in ensuring that you are fully prepared and have all of the materials you’ll need. Call us today to find out more about the products we offer.