Wine Valley Siding Supply, Inc. has been providing Pre-Finished and Primed products to the Pacific Northwest since the early sixties, in fact it was on our premises that the original Olympic factory prefinishing began.

It is nearly impossible to be able to duplicate what can be done in a factory controlled machine application by spraying paint in the field. Painting can be completed every day, all day, regardless of what the weather is doing outside. Plus, we can finish every side of the board including the back!

The Factory Finish Process

The process is shown in the diagram to the left.

The pre-finishing process even allows for control of exactly how much coating goes on each board, shingle or piece of siding.

A simple explanation of the process is that the piece has the desired coating flooded on and then brushed and back brushed through a series of hydraulically operated rollers.

The pieces are then racked in a drying room until cured. Finally they are re-bundled and wrapped for delivery to your job site ready for installation.