Western Red Cedar is a naturally stunning building material with deep, tonal properties that accentuate the rich texture of the wood grains and exposed heartwood. It is free of both pitch and resin, so it can hold a variety of finishes from semi-transparent to dark stains.

Proven Performance

For hundreds of years, the Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations has celebrated Western Red Cedar as the “Tree of Life” and has used it to build longhouses, canoes, and totem poles. It still remains today as the preferred building material.


Red cedar has a reputation for being a naturally durable wood, making it perfect for all outdoor projects. It is lightweight and valued for its property of natural resistance to decay. It is less susceptible to moisture, insect damage, and fungi growth.

Renewable Resource

Western Red Cedar removes greenhouse gases as opposed to other synthetic building materials. It is renewable, biodegradable, and sourced from the most sustainable forests in the world.


Cedar Siding Seattle WA

No matter if you’re looking for Western Red Cedar Siding, JamesHardie Fiber Cement, or Premium White Wood products, you can find anything you need at Wine Valley Siding Supply, Inc. Our lumberyard is stocked with a wide range of siding sizes, profiles, shingles, trims, accessories, and more in order to give your home or business a gorgeous new look.

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Wine Valley Siding Supply has supplied the cedar siding Seattle WA relies on since 1955. We are a Legacy Member of the Master Builders Association and have been delivery siding products, trims, and accessories to builders, contractors, and homeowners in the Pacific Northwest. We became the first Olympic machine prefinisher in the United States in 1960, and we continue to set the bar very high for the industry. We use more than 150 years of combined experience to offer our customers exceptional service and care.


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You can have your siding order delivered directly to your job site. Our fleet of boom trucks transports our goods to any location in Western Washington and even a few counties in Eastern Washington. If you need our products right away, our efficient and easily accessible lumberyard is conveniently located off I-405 in Bothell, Washington. Our staff can help you get in and out so you can get back to your job as quickly as possible.