For over 60 years, Wine Valley Siding Supply has made it our mission to provide the highest quality materials to improve the aesthetic appeal and value of your home or business. No matter what kind of siding, shingles, or trim your project might require, you can rest assured that our lumberyard will have the materials to bring your vision to life.

Many American homeowners and business owners determine that Western Red Cedar bevel siding is the best option for the exterior of their property. With several different variations and countless benefits to this choice, you may also decide this type of siding will offer the best possible result for your needs.


What Makes Bevel Siding Special?

Western Red Cedar bevel siding is actually the most widely used siding type available. Due to the way it’s sawed and manufactured, it has an attractive look that can improve the appearance of nearly any structure. While one face of each siding piece is textured, the other is smooth — making it thicker on one edge than on the other. It’s installed horizontally and can be customized based on a client’s preference for thickness and width.

It’s also available in two types of grades: knotty and clear. Our bevel knotty cedar options provide a rustic, charming appeal, while bevel clear cedar siding gives a more streamlined, contemporary look. Depending on your personal preference and the type of structure, either option can truly complete the desired look.


How to Get Started Using Western Red Cedar Bevel Siding For Your Project

Now that you’ve decided that bevel siding will be the best choice for your home or business, you’ll want to secure your materials and get started on installation. That’s where we come in. We partner with some of the industry’s finest manufacturers to ensure our customers get exactly what they need when they need it. We even offer convenient delivery and pick-up options to make certain you can stick to your time restrictions. To find out more about our yard, our products, or our team, please get in touch with us today. We’d love to help get your project off the ground.