Not every siding material is the made the same way, nor do they all function in the same capacity. When deciding which material to use for your project, there are numerous options of both materials and styles to choose from.

Wine Valley Siding Supply has quality products of varying designs that are made to last.

Tongue and Groove

Beyond choosing what material is better suited for your needs, you’ll also need to consider the style for both efficiency and installation purposes. Wine Valley Siding Supply offers an assortment of styles including beveled, channeled, and tongue and groove.

Tongue and groove siding refers to boards that have been cut to allow the insertion of one edge of a board into another. Each board has a tongue and a groove on respective edges of the board, and the tongue of a board is inserted into the groove of another.


There are multiple options for tongue and groove joints, including:

  • Flush joints
  • Vee joint
  • Gap joints

However, tongue and groove boards typically have v-shaped joints. Similar to channel, tongue and groove siding can be installed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to allow for versatility in design. The grades of tongue and groove follow the same pattern as channel, ranging from clear heart to knotty. Clear heart has little to no imperfections, while knotty consists of knots and blemishes. Every grade is sought after for its own unique appearance.


Western Red Cedar

Wine Valley Siding Supply offers both tongue and groove clear cedar as well as tongue and groove knotty cedar to accommodate individual preference.

The list of possible materials to use for siding on your building is exhaustive, and will incorporate an assortment of both natural and synthetic materials.

While some materials are more appropriate for some projects than others, there are many that can be used in a variety of builds. Using a natural wood such as Western Red Cedar will give any building a distinguished appearance and unique aesthetic.

Wine Valley Siding Supply can ensure that your Western Red Cedar Tongue and Groove Siding exceeds expectations and is delivered fast with on-site delivery. Call us today to speak with the siding professionals.